Terms and Conditions

  1. All drugs will be shipped in their original manufacturers’ sealed packages.
  2. You must have a valid prescription from a physician licensed to practice medicine and to prescribe medications in the place where you live.
  3. We will not sell any habit forming or narcotic pharmaceuticals, also known as scheduled drugs or controlled substances in some countries. We specialize in chronic care medicines that many people must take to sustain or improve their life.
  4. You may order only as much as your physician prescribes for you and we only will ship a three month supply at a time. This is in order to save you on shipping charges and to conform to FDA regulations regarding personal importation. We can however have your repeats filled for you as they come up.
  5. Credit Card charges will show on your Credit Card statement with the trade name: Rx International and the country field: UK

    Rx International Limited
    Wisteria Grange Barn
    Pikes End
    Pinner London
    United Kingdom
    HA5 2EX

By placing an order, (hereinafter the "Patient") confirms that:

The Patient is of the age of majority in the jurisdiction, in which the Patient resides and is fully competent to make their own health care decisions.

A duly qualified medical practitioner, in the place of residence of the Patient, prescribed the pharmaceutical(s) ordered by the Patient (“the Ordered Product”). The Patient has not violated any laws in obtaining the prescription and that the Ordered Product will not be used by any other person and in no manner except as prescribed by the original prescribing physician ("The Patient's Physician").

Medical advice is the sole responsibility of his/her U.S. doctor and The Company cannot assess the suitability or dosage of any prescription. The Company is authorized to disclose the personal and medical information that the patient has provided to the doctors and pharmacists the Company uses.


When you order
your prescriptions will be checked more often by more professionals that any other service available.