Refills/Existing Clients

If a prescription that we have had filled for you was written with refills we can have them filled for you as they come up. We will notify you by e-mail before your supply runs out to confirm that you wish an additional shipment. If you do not have an e-mail address, please call our Customer Service Department to order your refills.

You can also notify us by phone or e-mail:

We will not bill for or ship the refill unless we have received verification from you.

If you are an existing customer who wants us to have a new prescription filled for you, YOU DO NOT NEED TO ENTER YOUR INFORMATION AGAIN. Just fax us the order form along with your prescription. That is all we need. However, if you have some personal information that has changed you must make us aware of it. Medication history should be updated prior to filling refills so that our pharmacists can ensure they have received your updated records.


When you order
your prescriptions will be checked more often by more professionals that any other service available.