High drug prices are the norm for many Americans, with prescriptions costing over $100 a month on average. But you don’t have to risk going into debt just to take your medications.

You can buy prescription drugs online, and you could pay way less than at your local pharmacy. Keep reading to learn why online prescription drugs are a cheap yet effective option.

Insurance Premiums and Deductibles

When buying prescription drugs in person, you have to consider your insurance premium and deductible. US health insurance costs stem from your premium, which is the amount you pay each month for coverage.

Depending on your location and the amount of coverage you want, you could pay more or less on your monthly premium. And with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you may qualify for a lower rate thanks to government subsidies.

If you have a really low premium, odds are your deductible is higher. Your deductible is what you pay aside from your premium, and that adds up over the year.

Before you reach your deductible, you may need to pay for all of your medical costs, including prescription drugs. So you may need to pay thousands of dollars on your medications.

However, other countries don’t have this system. You can buy cheap prescription drugs online.

Health Insurance Networks

Another reason why international pharmacies are cheaper is they don’t have health insurance networks. In the US, your insurance provider will typically have a list of pharmacies and drugs that your policy covers.

If you buy something out of your network by choice or necessity, you have to pay the full cost. It doesn’t matter if you have hit your deductible because out-of-network services won’t apply toward that amount.

You should look for a health insurance plan that covers your drugs. But if you get a new prescription during the year, you usually can’t switch to a new plan.

At this point, you can buy prescription drugs online to save money. Other countries have some policies that make drugs cheaper even for Americans. While you’ll have to pay the full cost internationally, it won’t be as much as if you buy in the US.

Price Regulations

One of the biggest differences between the US and other healthcare systems is price regulations. For example, drug manufacturers in Canada have to pitch their prices to the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB).

The government can deny the drug until the manufacturer lowers the price. That way, the drugs have reasonable prices in other countries.

However, the US doesn’t have an equivalent regulation process. Drugs have to go through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but they can charge whatever they want.

If one of your prescriptions doesn’t have a generic version, the brand name company charge you a lot. And you can’t do anything about it. But you can see if you can get your prescription drugs online.

Buying Power

Because the US health care system doesn’t have the same regulations as in other countries, a hospital or pharmacy’s buying power is important. If you live in a rural or suburban area, you may have to pay more.

Your town or suburb probably doesn’t need to have as much medication on hand. That means your local pharmacy can’t take advantage of bulk discounts, so they may pass the higher price to you.

Bigger cities and pharmacy networks may have more buying power. But if your medication is uncommon, you may still need to pay more for it.

Outside of the US, a pharmacy’s buying power has little effect on drug prices. Online prescription drugs can cost a lot less because of governmental regulations.

Access to More Pharmacies

If you want to save money on your prescription drugs, you should look at as many pharmacies as possible. While the number of pharmacies that carry your drugs won’t affect the lowest price, it can open up your options.

By only considering in-person American pharmacies, you have to go with their prices. And US pharmacies know that a lot of people enjoy the convenience of their neighborhood pharmacy.

You can look across the border to find cheaper drug prices. While you may not be able to get all of your prescriptions from overseas, you can get some.

Even switching one of your medications can lower your medical costs. Plus, you won’t have to worry about going to the pharmacy and waiting in line for your medicine.

Online Operating Costs

Regardless of the country, online pharmacies don’t have as many operating costs as in-person locations. A physical location requires a storefront, multiple cash registers, and space for customers to wait.

But online pharmacies just need room for a few pharmacists and storage for prescriptions. When an order comes in, the pharmacy can process it and ship it out.

The pharmacy doesn’t have to have a convenient location, so they can save on rent.

Online pharmacies also don’t have to spend money or time working with your insurance company. They don’t have to worry about working with different insurance companies to cover drug costs, which cuts their operational costs.

Remember to Be Safe

While you can buy prescription drugs online to save money, you also need to be safe. Some online pharmacies don’t follow legal regulations, so they may give you medication with a different formula.

The meds you get may not be as effective as those from a regular pharmacy. When choosing to get prescription drugs online, make sure the pharmacy works with a reputable organization.

They should also ask for a prescription before processing your order. If you don’t have to provide a prescription, that’s a sign the pharmacy isn’t following the rules.

You can find a reputable online pharmacy, so you can buy prescription drugs online safely. But do your research to make sure you choose a good pharmacy.

Why Buy Prescription Drugs Online?

If you want to save money on your medical costs, you should buy prescription drugs online. Buying from an international pharmacy means you can take advantage of the country’s price regulations.

You don’t have to worry about fighting with your insurance company to cover a specific drug. But you need to choose a safe pharmacy to ensure you get the medication you need.

Are you ready to buy prescription drugs online? Set up your account today.

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