About 70% of American and Canadian adults between ages 40 and 79 use at least one prescription medication monthly. About 20% of these adults use five or more medications. With COVID-19 quarantines underway, heading to your pharmacy to pick up these medications is growing dangerous.

Instead of risking your health, why not order prescription drugs online? You can get everything you need without leaving the comforts of your own home.

If you’re on the fence, that’s okay! Here are eight reasons you should buy prescription drugs online! By exploring these benefits, you can see how shopping online will improve your life.

Shop ’til you drop after reading these benefits of online shopping for prescriptions today!

1. Convenience

One of the best benefits of getting your prescription drugs online is the convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere! Instead, you can place your order from your bedroom, living room couch; anywhere that’s convenient.

Many people forget to pick up their prescriptions. Some even put it off because their pharmacy is out of the way.

If you’re staying at home under quarantine, you probably don’t want to head out for one small bottle of pills.

When you order prescription drugs online, you don’t have to add “pick up meds” to your to-do list. Instead, all you have to do is provide your prescription and you can set it and forget it!

Better yet, you won’t have to waste time with the gruelling process. How much time do you waste sending your prescription or waiting in line? Then you have to wait for someone to fill it out.

If they’re out of stock, you have to wait even longer.

When you order prescription drugs online from first world countries, these inconveniences get thrown out the window. You don’t have to worry about stocking issues, long lines, or slow employees. If you’re teaching your kids at home or they’re sick in bed, you don’t have to leave their side.

Do you live in a remote area? Don’t worry about the long drive.

Are you older, disabled, bedridden, or at risk of contracting COVID-19? Don’t risk your health! Instead, consider placing your order online with ease.

2. Variety

Some patients need to visit more than one pharmacy to get the medications they need. When you order prescription drugs online, you don’t have to deal with that stress. Instead, the Internet is full of a variety of medications, brands, and dosages you can choose from. At Rx International, we focus on chronic care medications only.

You can explore your options straight from your couch. If you have any questions, you can often ask the online pharmacy.

They’ll help you choose from these many options to ensure you find what you need.

3. Pricing

Every year, people spend about $1,200 on prescription medications.

Unfortunately, brand name medications can increase in price over time. Some patients decide to stop taking necessary medications because they can no longer afford it.

It’s dangerous to cut your medications in half or take them every other day. After all, your doctor prescribed that medication for a reason.

The next time you order prescription drugs online from an international pharmacy, look for deals, discounts, and rebates. Many of these online pharmacies have deals available that can help you afford your medications!

You can even order a 90-day supply for the medications you need. In some cases, ordering a 90-day supply can save you money. Beyond that, it also means you don’t have to visit the pharmacy every month to pick up your medications.

Instead, you can save the fuel that’s in your tank and money in the process.

4. Organization

If your doctor doesn’t communicate with your pharmacy, you might have to fill the ‘script on your own. This process can take valuable time and energy out of your day.

When you order prescription drugs online, you can send your prescriptions by email or by faxing them. Some online pharmacies even have an app you can use.

This simplified process will help you stay organized. You can save your prescriptions on the site to send the same ones when you need them.

Instead of losing documents and prescriptions, shopping online will help you keep everything on track.

5. Researching

Want to learn about a specific medication? When you’re at the doctor’s office or pharmacy, you don’t always have time. In some cases, there’s a long line of other patients waiting.

When you order prescription drugs online, you have all the time in the world! Many online pharmacies even provide research on their website. That means you won’t have to go looking around.

Instead, you can read recent studies and learn more about your medications before you start taking them.

6. Delivery

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to stay home. When you order your medications online, you don’t have to leave the safety of your home. Visiting a pharmacy where sick patients are picking up medications could put you at risk.

Instead, you can protect yourself and your family by staying home and having your medications delivered.

7. Expertise

When you order online, see if the pharmacy provides you with access to a doctor or pharmacist. You can ask any questions about your medications. That way, you can purchase the medications you need without confusion.

Try to build a relationship with your pharmacist, too. They can tell you if any of the medications you’re on will interact with another.

8. Discretion

Are you embarrassed about some of the medications you’re taking? Maybe you need medicine for a yeast infection or erectile dysfunction. By ordering online, you won’t have to feel embarrassed when you’re at the pharmacy.

Instead, you can order your medications online in the privacy of your own home.

Make sure the online pharmacy you buy your medications from is secure. You should see “HTTPS” in the URL along with a small lock. A secure website will ensure hackers can’t access your private information.

Don’t Wait In Line: 8 Reasons to Order Prescription Drugs Online

You don’t have to leave the sanctuary of your home to pick up your medications. Instead, consider these eight reasons to order prescription drugs online. By ordering from an online pharmacy, you can save yourself time and make life a little easier!

Want to learn how to order your first set of medications online? We’re here to help.

Discover how to order the medications you need online today!

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