The COVID-19 pandemic has got a lot of people ordering their prescription drugs from the web as opposed to visiting the pharmacy. Online pharmacies offer a safe and convenient way for those in need to get their prescriptions without putting their health in danger. You may even be able to get deals on expensive drugs, especially if you’re an American using a Canadian online pharmacy!

If you’re wondering how to order from a Canada online pharmacy, keep reading.

Find a Reliable Canadian Online Pharmacy

First, you’re going to need to find a reliable online pharmacy based in Canada. There are a few simple ways to tell if a pharmacy is legitimate or not.

Are They Vetted?

One of the best ways to tell if an online pharmacy is legit is to see if it’s been vetted. Are there any news articles on the site? Do they link to websites that support them? If so, they’re likely trustworthy.

Is There an Address?

You should always check to see if there’s a physical address listed on the site. This is where the website is actually run out of. If there’s not, it’s likely the pharmacy is not legitimate.

Are Their Reviews Good?

Another good call is to look up reviews for the website. See what others are saying, and whether or not the site is actually selling what they claim to be. The more positive the reviews, the more trustable the site.

Do You Need a Prescription?

A reliable online pharmacy will never sell you prescription drugs without a prescription. Many won’t even let you browse or give you web access without a prescription and sign-up. If you can order drugs without any process, you should look elsewhere.

Are the Deals Too Good to Be True?

Finally, you should always look out for deals that are “too good to be true.” If you can’t believe the prices they’re offering, they’re probably not a legitimate website.

Sign Up

Every reliable online Canadian pharmacy requires you to sign up before you can buy. This process is put in place to make sure you actually have a prescription.

Give Them Your Information

When you sign up, you’ll have to give up some basic personal information like your name, your address, and an email and phone number. You’ll also likely have to give some more intimate personal information, like a contact number for your doctor, photographs of your identification and prescription, and sometimes a payment option. This info will be used by the pharmacy to confirm your prescription with your doctor.

Sometimes it takes a few days for your sign-up to go-through, as they need time to confirm your details. Be patient, and when your sign-up is confirmed you can login and make your order.

Add Insurance Information

If you have a healthcare plan, you can add the details to your account and benefit from cost savings.

However, this is only applicable to Canadians on Canadian pharmacies. US health insurance is not applicable in Canada.

Place Your Order

Now that you’re logged in, you’re able to get your prescription.

Some websites allow you to browse through the pharmacy and see what prescriptions are available. However, they won’t let you checkout unless you have the right prescription. Considering this, a lot of other online pharmacies only give you access to your prescribed medication.

With an online pharmacy, you can order your prescription with a click of a button once logged in. You’ll go through the charging process, pick your shipping rate, and the medication is sent to your door. What more could you ask for?

Do All Canadian Online Pharmacies Sell Prescriptions Worldwide?

The short answer is no. Not every Canadian pharmacy offers worldwide shipping.

If you’re looking for an online pharmacy that ships worldwide, try a site like Rx International. After reading the tutorial above, you’re already halfway to ordering your prescriptions through the site. Click here to learn how to register with Rx International and make ordering prescriptions a breeze.

The Benefits of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

Not convinced about buying from a Canada pharmacy online? Let’s look at some of the benefits in a bit more detail.

It’s Easy

Ordering prescriptions from an online pharmacy is as easy as signing up for any website.

The only difference is there’s a little more information you need to provide. You can usually sign up for an online pharmacy within about 30 minutes, and then order your prescriptions in mere minutes forever after.

It’s Safe

We’re living in uncertain times, and ordering your prescriptions online is the best way to stay safe.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the less you can leave your house the better, especially if you have a compromised immune system. Beyond that, your prescriptions may be for a specific ailment you have. Whether that illness is contagious, debilitating, or painful, not having to leave the house to get your prescriptions saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

It’s Cheaper

Canadian pharmacies tend to sell prescription drugs cheaper than US pharmacies.

Considering this, you can get a decent discount on your prescriptions shopping through a site like Rx International. US drug prices are high, so anything that saves a little money is a welcome treat.

Making the Move to an Online Pharmacy

If you’ve never used a Canadian online pharmacy before, now’s the time. A good Canadian online pharmacy will help you save money, stay safe, and access the prescriptions you need with just the press of a button. Follow our guide above to sign up today and get shopping.

Look through our list of available prescriptions to see if we have what you need, and how much you can save by shopping with Rx International.

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